White Cop vs Black Cop = ACAB

Lets play the statistics game…

The US Department of Justice reports that 400-500 innocent (non-justifiable homicides) Americans are murdered by police every year. (All races)

USA Today examined justifiable homicide reports sent to the FBI. It found that over the seven years ending in 2012, a white police officer killed a black person on average twice a week a year.

What it doesn’t mention…

Of these “Justifiable Homicide” reports, (which include armed and unarmed) only 313 of the 739 from 2012 were black. (426 were non-black.) That means on average, 6 black men are killed a week.

If a white officer “on average” kills a black man twice a week in a year, then who kills the other 4 black men each week? Black officers?

It’s interesting how things can be perceived when half the facts are left out.

Let’s talk about something else…

According to the National Police Misconduct Statistical Report, a woman is sexually assaulted by a police officer on average, eight times a week. That’s one woman every 21 hours. (Keep in mind, these statistics don’t include the many women who stay silent)

In 2010 there were 419 victims of misconduct that could be classified as sexual assault, rape, sexual battery, or molestation. Of these 419 victims of more serious types of sexual misconduct, 219 were minors.

Wait for it…

87% of cases involving victims sexual assaulted or raped by police (both black AND white women) were committed by black officers.

White Cop vs Black Cop = ACAB…

Black officers may not be shooting unarmed white men as often, but they are just as guilty!

In fact, the number of women raped by black officers is greater than those of unarmed black men shot by white officers.

In the last five years…

Police Constable and serial rapist Mokolo Molekoa - gang raped 16 White women and children with the help of his accomplices, the youngest girl was only 14.

Officer Gary Dale Baker - repeated counts of rape, counts of forcible oral copulation, attempt to commit oral copulation, assault with intent to commit rape and sexual battery of an elderly 78-year-old white woman who had suffered a stroke.

Police Officer Kevin Walker - stalking one woman and sexually assaulting two others.

La’Cori Johnson - detained a woman and raped her in the back of his squad car.

Police Officer Deon Nunlee - responded to a domestic call and then raped victim.

Officer Richard Hastings - accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy on several different occasions and possession of child pornography

Ladmarald Cates - responded to a woman’s 911 call and then raped her.

Officer Marc Washington - was charged with production of child pornography with a 15 year old girl.

MTA Officer Martez Johnson - followed a victim into her home and raped her.

Office Carlos Becker - arrested a white woman falsely, beat her and then raped her.

County sheriff’s deputy Willie Marshay Greer - charged with aggravated rape and official misconduct.

Anthony Rollins - raped 5 white women

The point…

Police Brutality is not limited to Race or Gender. It is everywhere.

Instead of focusing on how many black men die at the hands of white officers, we should be focusing more on VICTIMS of POLICE BRUTALITY.

We are all suffering, we are all victims!